Malaria situation and response

Malaria is endemic in Côte d'Ivoire, with constant transmission and surges during the rainy season. Thirty eight Anopheles sp. mosquito species have been documented in the country. The duration of malaria transmission in most of the country is from February to December, although transmission occurs throughout the year in a small part of the country (south east and south west).

National Malaria Control Programme

In Côte d'Ivoire, the National Malaria Control Programme is an organization set up within the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene by Order No. 311 MSHP/CAB/ dated 4 October 2007. Its mission is to contribute to the reduction of malaria-related morbidity and mortality through promotional, preventive, curative and research activities, and to co-ordinate the fight against malaria. The NMCP is headed by a Coordinating Director and an Assistant Coordinating Director. The NMCP prepares and implements an annual action plan on the basis of a five-year strategic plan.

The current strategic plan is based on Roll Back Malaria Partnership guidance and the recommendations of the Heads of State meeting held in Abuja in 2000. Two main programme priorities have been identified:

  • The swift and proper care of malaria cases in health institutions and in the community.
  • The prevention of malaria, by the following means:
    • IPT prevention among pregnant women.
    • vector control:
      • Distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLIN);.
      • Indoor residual spraying (IRS).

RBM partners' activities

Malaria endemic countries

Multilateral development partners


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In the news

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Malaria elimination campaign - The regional war against malaria being waged by ECOWAS and partners, through the biolarvicide programme, moves to Ghana this week with a ground-breaking ceremony Tuesday for the construction of a factory in the capital city of Accra for the production of the substance.

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Tests for HIV, malaria, diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions are available, with results produced immediately.

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